Instructions for Authors

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Additional Guidelines

1) Abstract: Abstract (100-250 words) must be included to all TAB Chapters, including Protocol Chapters.
2) TOC:
 We no longer include TOC (Table of Contents) to TAB Chapters.
3) Subheadings:
Only two levels of subheadings are permitted.
4) References: The references must be formatted according to THE PLANT CELL. See the instruction at:

This is to make a Chapter easy to format and to follow. For the examples of Reference format and effective use of two levels of subheadings, please see TAB's recent publications, such as:

Instructions for AGI Code Lists Instructions for AGI Code Lists
Starting in 2013, TAB is requesting that authors provide AGI codes for the genes described in their article. We believe that this will make our content easier to follow for novice Arabidopsis readers and enhance the usability of TAB for the broader community. TAB authors are requested to do the following:

1) Fill out the AGI code Excel file. This enables coordination of TAB with TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource): TAB articles will appear in the Publication section of the locus page on TAIR.
See Example

2) Provide tables that list key genes, corresponding AGI codes, and (possibly) citations within the article.
See Example 1
See Example 2

3) When describing a given Arabidopsis gene for the first time in text, please list a corresponding AGI code.
Example: “SPEECHLESS (SPCH: At5g53210) directs initiation of stomatal cell lineages, and its loss-of-function confers epidermis solely composed of pavement cells.”

A Word About Reuse of Previously Published Images
Images that have been previously published must include a full bibliographic citation in any standard format. Before the images are published in TAB, ASPB must have received written permission from the copyright holder approving reuse of the image(s). In extenuating circumstances ASPB staff will help authors to secure permissions, but because our resources are limited, authors are asked to (1) clearly indicate at the manuscript stage which images have been previously published and (2) submit written approvals for as many images as possible, preferably along with their manuscript but no later than with corrected proofs.

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