Editorial Board

Founded by Chris Somerville and Elliot Meyerowitz, TAB now has over 95 articles online. In 2010, TAB received over 102,000 hits!
The current editorial board is working hard to continue TAB's ongoing expansion:

Keiko Torii (Editor-in-Chief), University of Washington
Caren Chang, University of Maryland
Gitta Coaker, University of California, Davis
Luca Comai, University of California, Davis
Georg Jander, Boyce Thompson Institute
Dan Kliebenstein, University of California, Davis
Rob Last, Michigan State University
Ryan Lister, University of Western Australia
Rob McClung, Dartmouth College
Harvey Millar, University of Western Australia
Libo Shan, Texas A&M University
Doris Wagner, University of Pennsylvania

The board is overseeing all new content development as well as updates to existing chapters to keep TAB the most comprehensive and current work on Arabidopsis.